*††††††††† Correspondence Course

*††††††††† Certification on Completion

*††††††††† Study at Your Own Pace

*††††††††† Graded on Your Knowledge, not on exam scores

*††††††††† Guaranteed Professional Support on a Timely Basis

*††††††††† Your Name added to the Maximum Reach Foremanís List



Over the years I have trained many graduate engineers to become Rigging Engineers. I compiled the Rigging Formanís Training Manual in 1995 when I saw the need for training in this area as well.  Most of the riggers on the Maximum Reach Foreman's list were trained and certified by this manual.Rigging Engineers, including myself, would visit a construction project some where around the world and train the rigger(s) nominated by the Construction Manager.  Generally, within a two to four week period, a nominee would be able to study the material and pass the exams to receive a certificate.

Some projects were not assigned a Rigging Engineer so the Construction Manager would pick a candidate whom he wanted trained as a Rigging Foreman. We sent the student(s) a training manual and the exams.  They would study the material and return the completed exams to our rigging department.  Instead of using a pass/fail system, we chose to use the honor system and provide all the support we could to help the students complete the exams. We encouraged the students to study the material and contact us by phone, fax or email if they couldn't understand a solution. This method worked well for us then, so I continue to use it today.

The price of the Rigging Foremanís Training Course is $450.00 USD.Thiscost covers a copy of the manual, test materials, my instruction and review time, a certificate, plus shipping and handling. This price also includes faxes and emails but not phone calls. I have found that almost 100% of the communication can be done by email. The manual is approximately 180 pages long, including the study, reference, procedure and exam sections.

You are expected to study the material and return the completed exams to me. I will evaluate your work, indicate the incorrect solutions and suggest which parts of the manual should be reviewed. I will also provide more background information if necessary. I will continue to work with you until 1) I determine that you have a firm grasp of the material or 2) I determine that the material is beyond your attention span at the present time. In the first case, I will send you a document certifying that you have passed the Rigging Foreman training and I will post your name and credentials on my public web site. In the second case I will send you a coupon of credit to retake the program a second time whenever you wish to do so.

In summary, when you purchase thiscourse, I will provide professional training and assistance to see that you pass the exams and get certified. I know that the material in themanual will enhance the rigging training and knowledge that you already have because this training includes rigging engineering in a lot of areas.


Attached are three sample pages from the study section of the manual