Maximum Reach Quiz No. 20


1. Sketch of a horizontal vessel being lifted using double basket hitches (Two individual slings are required, one for each basket hitch with all four of the eyes over the hook).
2. The vessel diameter is 10 feet. This diameter is from the centerline to centerline of the slings. See section A-A on the sketch.
3. The total weight of the vessel including rigging is 200 kips.
4. The center of gravity (CG) is at the center of the vessel in all directions.
5. The longitudinal angle of the slings with the horizontal is 65 degrees.
6. The span is 20 feet.
7. The total length of each sling is 54.08 feet, i.e., (the sling length from the hook to the point of tangency on the shell plus the sling contact length along the shell above the centerline of the vessel plus the sling contact length along the shell below the vessel centerline down to the bottom)*2 parts = 54.08 feet.


1. The compound or true angle of the legs of the slings with the horizontal. The horizontal base of this angle is from the point of sling tangency to the vertical centerline of the vessel.
2. The vertical height from bearing on the hook down to the bottom of the vessel.
3. The tension in kips for the inclined portion of the legs of the slings that are not in contact with the shell. A kip equals 1,000 lbs.
4. Select a sling that has the required SWL for the above tension.



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