Maximum Reach Quiz No. 14

During a critical lift over operating equipment, an attempt is made to lift a load at a site with poor soil conditions. At initial pick, the crane operator, noticing that both of his tracks are starting to sink, lowers the load back to the ground and calls for crane mats to be brought out before he will proceed.

The rigging superintendent, hurrying to meet schedule, brings out one-inch thick trench plates and tells the operator to hurry up and walk his crane onto the plates. The operator refuses and insists on timber mats. The superintendent says he has enough plates to stack four-high under each track and "that's got to be better than one layer of timber mats!" The operator still refuses.

1. Is the operator being unreasonable?

2. Is the rigging superintendent correct in saying that (4) 1" thick steel plates are better load spreaders than (1) layer of 12" thick timber mats?



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