Select a metric shackle from the lookup table based on the force on the lug or click the SHACKLE button to enter your own
inShackle Inside Width at Pin
inShackle Eye Diameter
inShackle Pin Diameter
inLug Pin Hole Diameter Recommend hole be 0.13� or > than shackle pin dia.
inLug Radius
inLug Plate Thickness
inLug Plate Width at Base Minimum value of 2*radius of lug
inLug Pad Thickness Input zero if pads are not required
inLug Pad Radius Input zero if pads are not required
inLug Eccentricity
kipsForce on the Lug
degAngle of the Force on the Lug Measured from the horizontal
ksiYield Stress of the Lug Material Fy
kips/inAllowable Force on the Weld Use 10.91 for LH60 or 14.85 for LH70
Impact factor, IF Recommend that a minimum 1.8 impact factor be used


Checking combined stress of the lug plate
in^2Area of Lug Plate at Base
in^3Section modulus of the lug plate at the base
ksiBending stress of the lug plate fb, actual
ksiTension stress of the lug plate ft, actual
ksiShear stress of lug plate fs, actual
ksiAllowable bending and tension stress, Fb & Ft
ksiAllowable for the shear stress, Fs
Combined stress of the lug plate. Must be less than 1.0
Checking the lug weld size, with the weld treated as a line
inArea of the weld
in^2Section modulus of the weld
kips/inResultant Force on the weld
inMinimum weld size
Checking bearing at the pin hole
ksiBearing stress of the lug without pads
ksiBearing stress with pads attached
ksiAllowable bearing stress
kipsLoad per pad
inPad weld size, min.
Checking end area of the lug across the pin hole
in^2End area required across the pin hole
inMaximum effective lug radius. Used to calculate the max. allowable end area
in^2Maximum effective end area
Checking end area of the lug past the pin hole
in^2Area required past the pin hole
in^2Actual end area
in^2Maximum allowable end area