For Lifting a Vessel with Saddles Using Double Basket Hitches v0.1

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Feet/Kips Meters/Metric Tons
Total load, includes the weight of vessel, trays, insulation, piping, rigging, etc
Span, the distance between the slings measured at the bottom of the vessel
Vessel O.D., from centerline to centerline of lift slings
Sling length, measured from the hook down around the shell and back to the hook

Longitudinal sling angle, degrees
True sling angle, degrees (sling tension is calculated using this angle)
Sling tangency angle, degrees
Sling length from hook down to the shell
Sling contact length above the vessel centerline
Sling contact length below the vessel centerline
Vertical height from the hook down to the bottom of the vessel
Sling Tension, in each of the four legs